This is a little known fact and its sounds outlandish but Sataoshi Nakamoto created the trolls.
He was on a cruise ship bound towards Madeira when he first published the bitcoin code. Unfortunately, his daughter was playing a troll game on his computer when he wasn’t looking and some code got mixed up. He never realised, as the trolls jumped ship in the port and found their new home under the levadas.
It actually shows up in Bitcoins first block but was missed by most.

Bo, 3, first made contact last month with a troll near her home. When her Daddy wasn’t looking she spotted the troll under the levada and offered him some bananas. He turned his nose up and pointed to her Daddys Bitcoin T-shirt. So she secretly took his phone from his back pocket and sent the trolls some sats via lightening. He loved them and burped when he was finished.

This website will be home to those who wish to find the Madeiran Trolls. If you see any please do a drawing and send them to us. Also take photos of their homes and where on the map they are.